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Alice Project
An independent project in Germany which circulates objective information on drugs especially at parties & in schools. Nik Fiend, created & gifted the painting "Alice" by way of support, many other artists have contributed to the project one way or another, including Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Chuck D (Public Enemy), Sven Vath, Coil, Bill Laswell and Kitchens Of Distinction.
Cost effective multimedia, web design and computer based training. (They have helped with this site in the past)
Blue Crumb Truck Online Store
The official Alien Sex Fiend online store selling a range of Alien Sex Fiend merchandise including T-shirts,  CDs, DVDs, hats, badges, stickers and original Nik Fiend artworks.
Online magazine with a review of the Koln show in July with some cool photos. (in German)
Cherry Red Records 
Includes Anagram Records, Alien Sex Fiend's original record company, and the company which has released retro CDs such as the "Fiend At The Controls", "The Best Of ASF" CD and "R.I.P.-A 12" Collection".
Clash Magazine
This highly entertaining 2012 interview with Nik and Mrs Fiend by Sam Walker-Smart explores the early days of the band and beyond, the role of horror as well as ASF's influence on the development of the Industrial movement.
Crypt Magazine
An online magazine, based in the US. Their motto is: "sex.horror.rock n' roll." Is this magazine a nightmare...or is it an escape from the nightmare that is the real world? The forces behind this magazine think the latter.
Dark Culture Magazine
Reviews and interviews - online magazine based in the US.
Dark Essence Radio
Podcast featuring an interview with Nik and Mrs Fiend by Josh Guinan for this radio station in Australia from 2010. podcast
Some of the interview material was recorded backstage after the ASF show in Berlin in November 2007 and some has been taken from other interviews. Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out!
Drop Dead Magazine
US based magazine, issue #3 (2007) included an interview with Nik Fiend and loads of fiendish artwork plus a pull out 2 page poster of the "Variations On A Fiend" painting.
French magazine - the Nov/Dec 2006 issue included an Alien Sex Fiend interview and a review of the "Para-Abnormal" CD. Issue in 2010 covered the "Death Trip" album
Magazine based in France - the Oct/Nov 2006 issue included an Alien Sex Fiend interview and a review of "Para-Abnormal", the 13th Moon 10 year anniversary sampler. Issue in 2010 covered the "Death Trip" album.
Erba Della Strega
Has a 2004 interview with Alien Sex Fiend about the "Information Overload" album - in Italian
Alien Sex Fiend on Facebook at
Freq E-Zine 
An on-line magazine specialising in electronic, avant-garde and experimental music from around the world. To find the ASF items, go to Archive Index, then the "A" listing, look for "Alien Sex Fiend" all items are there, including a review of the "Information Overload" and "Death Trip" albums.
Gazeta Wyborcza
Local Gdynia newspaper, a review of Alien Sex Fiend's 2007 show in Poland.
Gothic Magazine
Based in Germany, this magazine are supporters of Alien Sex Fiend.
Grenzwellen Online Magazin
Features various reviews & interviews with Alien Sex Fiend , in German, including ones from 1997 and 1999 (go to CD Kritiken) and 2004. Hosted by the famous German DJ Ecki Stieg, the site includes many other interviews and CD reviews.
Hard Wired 
UK based Alternative Music Magazine. Reviews and interviews for anything EBM, Goth, Industrial, Metal, and alternative.....
In Perpetual Motion internet radio 
Listen 24/7 worldwide. USA based site playing a wide range of gothic,  industrial, electronic, synthpop and ambient music including Alien Sex Fiend.
A great review (in German) of the Death Trip album by Ulf Kubanke, " What do such diverse artists as Robert DeNiro, Iggy Pop, Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper in common? They are all avowed fans of the most unique band in Britain... "Death Trip" is a most magnificent painting full of toxic paints and ominous essences... in Alien Sex Fiend's own unique style, and somewhere between a lava lamp and a meat grinder!
Legends Magazine
Interview by Daryl Litts with Nik & Mrs Fiend talking about Information Overload album in 2004. Also interesting reviews of the "Drive My Rocket" and "Nocturnal Emissions " albums by Marcus Pan.
January 2008 issue - an interview with Alien Sex Fiend by Michal Polanski.
Marsha's website  
Features an interview with Nik and Mrs Fiend in German from ASF's 1992 German tour  plus backstage photos. 
Mick Mercer's review of Information Overload
Located on the interesting Starvox web site this is a review by Mick Mercer (the man who knows!) of ASF's studio album Information Overload from 2004. Scroll down the page to locate the article. "You're going to love it, and long term fans will be celebrating."
Mick Sinclair 
Mick's website features a couple of ASF interviews from 1983 (Sounds) and 1985 (Beatbox). From the home page go to the Archive Index and then go through the "A"s to locate the ASF features.
Moving Hands Music Magazine
A Webzine based in Sweden but with most items in English, covering electro, industrial, goth and ebm related music.
Check out Alien Sex Fiend's official MySpace profile.
Nosferatu Racing
The owner and driver of this Pro ET drag racing team are big fiend fans and have decorated part of their Nosferatu racing car with the legend "R.I.P." in homage.
Organ Magazine 
London UK based magazine, both in print and on-line, features stacks of gig reviews, record reviews, interviews and info on what's happening in the underground. Nice people and they're into The Fiends too!
Spanish magazine features an ASF interview from 2008 in the APRIL issue #414.
Punk 77 
A punk website, features an interview with Nik Fiend about his pre-Alien Sex Fiend band, Demon Preacher.
Reflections Of Darkness
Features a review of Death Trip, also includes features on Wave-Gotik-Treffen (scroll to bottom for ASF review and pics) with photos of Alien Sex Fiend from WGT in 2010.
Reflections Of Darkness Interview 2014
An interview with Nik and Mrs Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend conducted in April 2014 prior to the band's show at the Dark Munich Festival in Germany, also available in Russian via the Ukrainian Gothic Portal
Rock Underground
Magazine based in Brazil, features a review of the "R.I.P. - A 12" Collection" release.
SKY Channel #378 around 9.30pm or go to the site, features very early Alien Sex Fiend footage, including "I Am A Product".
A music magazine with news on Gothic, Medieval, EBM, Synthpop, New Wave, Dark Wave, Electro and Industrial. Enter "Alien Sex Fiend" in the search box on the top right of the homepage, for a list of Alien Sex Fiend reviews and interviews.
Sonic Seducer
A German magazine, who have supported Alien Sex Fiend for a long time. Nik Fiernd was included in their 2007 list of Alternative Rock Icons.
Steve Drury Photos 
Some of Steve's Alien Sex Fiend photos are featured on this site, there are more on his own site.
South Africa's first truly underground alternative music mail order specialising in goth, industrial, punk and metal.  Speedy service. AND they carry Alien Sex Fiend CDs and DVDs.
Swill's ASF Photos 
Alien Sex Fiend photos taken at UK shows from 1986 to 1992  (backstage and onstage) plus Nik Fiend's 1990 London Art Exhibition, all photos by Swill.
Teraz Rock
Review of Alien Sex Fiend's 2007 show in Gdynia, Poland.
The Quietus
UK based online magazine features Alien Sex Fiend in a number of articles, including a full interview with stories about the early days of the band, The Batcave, and the Death Trip album entitled In The Batcave With Mr & Mrs Fiend: Alien Sex Fiend On Goth & Marriage by Nix Lowrey from September 2010. Also check out the feature on the Batcave Club Young Limbs And Numb Hymns: The History Of The Batcave Club. Another interesting article is Don't Fear The Reaper - Mick Mercer On Goth which has some input from Nik and Mrs Fiend. Plus Mick Mercer's The Thirty Best Goth Records Of All Time feature which includes Alien Sex Fiend's 1984 12-inch "R.I.P." b/w "New Christian Music". The Quietus covers music of all genres - from dubstep, death metal and post punk to hip hop, pop and spacerock - as well as film, books, TV and comics, old and new, concentrating on "quality over hype".
Ukrainian Gothic Portal
An interview in Russian with Nik and Mrs Fiend of Alien Sex Fiend conducted in April 2014 prior to the band's show at the Dark Munich Festival in Germany, also available in English via the Reflections Of Darkness site.
Unart TV Podcast
Check out this great interview video with Alien Sex Fiend from September 2010, it was filmed backstage after the band's show in Bochum, Germany. Nik Fiend says : When I watched this interview, I was rolling about laughing over some parts of it! Press PLAY to watch the video.
Vampire Freaks
This is a similar set up to MySpace but with a slant towards industrial and gothic music, so most of the members are into that musical area. Follow the link above to the Alien Sex Fiend page. There is also an ASF interview on the site - use this link or see under "Featured Interviews" at the top of the Main page.
Wardance Cultural Association, Italy
An Italian cultural association which organises alternative musical events including post-punk, new wave, deathrock, batcave, '80 classics and indie.
Wardance Magazine 
Magazine based in France, features an interview with Nik and Mrs Fiend in French from 1996.
WWWhat's Up/Punkcast 
Video footage of  "I Walk The Line" recorded live (on one camera) during Alien Sex Fiend's 1998 show at Coney Island in New York. Download available in different file sizes for both Windows Media and Real Player.

  Updated : 06 June 2017

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