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Dateline : 25 July 2018

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Alien Sex Fiend are delighted to announce our return, after twenty-four years, to Cherry Red Records, who will release and distribute the new studio album, "Possessed", in conjunction with our own 13th Moon Records label.

ASF's connection with Cherry Red goes all the way back to 1983, believe it or not, and we have maintained a close relationship throughout that time. Increasingly so during the last few years whilst working together on several re-issues, including two 'Classic Albums' Box Sets (Vol 1 and Vol 2) and 2017's acclaimed "Fiendology", our 35 year career retrospective.

According to "our man at Cherry Red", who wishes to remain anonymous to protect the innocent, "During talks about potential tracks for "Fiendology" I visited Fiend HQ and was treated to some ferocious tunes from the new album blasting out of the stereo. I knew there and then that the new album belonged with Cherry Red... it took almost a year and several further messy visits but eventually the band agreed".

From our fiendish perspective, we felt that joining forces and licensing the album to Cherry Red would make the most of our individual strengths. We can maintain our independence with 13th Moon Records yet have the benefit of all that a bigger label can offer. Hands have finally been shaken, squiggles have been squiggled and we're ready to roll.

The future is looking exciting, "Possessed" is, as we write, being mastered and prepared for release, and we're up to our third eyeballs creating the artwork for the covers and booklet, etc.

Watch the skies, touchdown is anticipated this autumn!

In the meantime, be naughty.

Lots of IT
Nik and Mrs Fiend
Alien Sex Fiend / 13th Moon Records

Alien Sex Fiend will be available for your interview and press needs in due course, and can be contacted either via Cherry Red (preferred) or via 13th Moon Records.

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