Alien Sex Fiend Albums - Possessed

"This is music to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"
Release date - 09 November 2018
On CD and Double Vinyl LP and digital
CD with 24 page booklet, Double Vinyl with Gatefold sleeve
Available from Blue Crumb Truck

Possessed - Alien Sex Fiend album

Front Cover
Artwork by Nik Fiend

On CD and Double Vinyl Gatefold LP
and digital
Release date - 09 November 2018

Buy the Possessed Double Vinyl Gatefold LP from Blue Crumb Truck and receive a FREE set of 3 limited edition "Ghost Cards" (postcards) specially designed by Nik Fiend
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CD features :
- 12 tracks
- 3 mixes exclusive to the CD version
- 24 page booklet with full illustrated lyrics and swathes of new artwork by Nik Fiend.
- Almost 60 mins playing time


1. Possessed (Intro)
2. Shit's Coming Down
3. It's In My Blood
4. Carcass *
5. Ghost In The Machine *
6. Amnesia
7. Spine-Tingler
8. Gotta Get Back
9. Invisible (The Beyond Mix)
10. Neutron *
11. Bloody Reprisal
12. Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix)

(* - CD Exclusive Mix, not on Vinyl DLP)

CD Cat No : CDBRED732

Buy Possessed CD now from Blue Crumb Truck


2LP features :
- Gatefold sleeve featuring full illustrated lyrics and new artwork by Nik Fiend.
- 14 tracks.
- 5 mixes are exclusive to the DLP version (not available on download)
- Almost 70 mins playing time
- FREE with initial copies of DLP - 3 Ghost Cards! A set of 3 fiendish Postcards, featuring artwork by Nik Fiend. (exclusive to purchases from BCT and Cherry Red Records only)


Side A
1. Possessed (Intro)
2. Shit's Coming Down
3. It's In My Blood

Side B
4. Carcass (Carrion Mix) **
5. Ghost In The Machine (Depth Charge Mix) **
6. Amnesia
7. Spine-Tingler

Side C
8. Gotta Get Back
9. Invisible (The Beyond Mix)
10. Neutron (Bomber Mix) **
11. Bloody Reprisal

Side D - Alternate Mixes
12. Carcass (Vortex Mix) **
13. Invisible (Elemental Mix) **
14. Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix)

(** - Vinyl Exclusive Mix, not on CD)

2LP Cat No : BREDD732

Buy Possessed 2LP now from Blue Crumb Truck

Possessed CD Layout Possessed Double Vinyl Layout Possessed Postcards

Alien Sex Fiend - Possessed Info :

Alien Sex Fiend present their brand-new studio album, "Possessed", the latest outer-sonic instalment of their 35 year trip into the far out and unthinkable.

The first album since 2010's hugely successful Death Trip. Heavily dosed with pounding beats, speaker-shredding guitars, Mrs Fiend's mutant analogue synthesisers, and the surrealist chainsaw-psychiatry of frontman Nik Fiend, "Possessed" is a remarkable return. Featuring additional electronics and guitar from Mat Pod, this album is also notable for the final recordings of guitarist, Doc Milton (R.I.P.). "Possessed" is the Fiends at their blood-curdling, mind-expanding best. TNT for the brain and battery acid for the flagging soul.

"Possessed" takes ASF's reputation for horror, humour and explorations of inner turmoil and outer space to the next level, an intoxicating lesson from the originals. The list of artists inspired by the Fiends unique brew of heavy, lysergic sonic alchemy is a long one, but Alien Sex Fiend are all those in the know have ever needed.

Available in both CD and Double Vinyl versions, the 12 track "Possessed" CD includes a 24 page booklet with full illustrated lyrics and artwork by Nik Fiend, with 3 mixes exclusive to the CD version. The Double Vinyl LP has 14 tracks with 5 different mixes (not available via download) in a gatefold sleeve.

"This is music to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"

Release date : 09 November 2018

Released by
Cherry Red Records

Cherry Red Records

Licensed from
13th Moon Records

13th Moon Records

Catalogue Numbers :
2LP : BREDD732

Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix) Single

Listen here

Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix) Digital 12" Single
Release date - 31st October 2018, yes Halloween!

Track Listing :
Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix)
Released by 13th Moon Records via Cherry Red Records
(13th Moon is Alien Sex Fiend's own label)

Released as the lead track from the accompanying '"Possessed" album. Produced by ASF, this hammering track - with scything guitars, gut wobbling bass and Nik Fiend telling it how it is - is an alternate mix of the original song "Shit's Coming Down". Both versions appear on the 'Possessed' CD album as well as on the Double Vinyl LP format. In the 'good old days' this would have no doubt been released as a 12 incher! Available across all digital platforms via streaming and download.


"It's so far from anything else currently out there as to be virtually stand alone" 8/10 Vive Le Rock
"A brooding, dark masterpiece" Dave Henderson
"Still conducting extreme lab experiments in the outer limits" 8/10 Classic Rock
"A perfect antidote and soundtrack to the chaotic, soul destroying modern world.... a glorious triumph" 8/10 Record Collector
"A mind expanding listening trip on an industrial batcave beat" Dark Entries


Alien Sex Fiend - Possessed - official album teaser

Alien Sex Fiend - Shit's Coming Down (Monster Mix) - Official Promo Edit

Alien Sex Fiend - Carcass - Official Lyric Video NEW


Read the  "POSSESSED" Press Release in full
About the new album

Read "ASF and 13th Moon Records" Press Release
About Alien Sex Fiend and 13th Moon Records new collaboration with Cherry Red Records for the "Possessed" album

As you probably know most of the Alien Sex Fiend catalogue, is available for download or streaming via various outlets, including the usual suspects - iTunes, Spotify, etc etc. For a more complete listing go to Downloads / Streaming. The CD version of this album is also available but NOT the exclusive DLP mixes!.

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