Alien Sex Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend - Death Trip Biography
Biography of Nik Fiend The Artist


"I doubt that I've ever heard anything uglier in the name of music" Melody Maker

"This music smells of dead bodies" Flexipop 

"Alien Sex Fiend - a psychotic electro-mash of The Munsters and Alice Cooper. Indeed, this is a monster gunk a go-go" NME

"ASF were a primal virus that proved totally infectious..." Mick Mercer, Gothic Rock

alien /'ayi.en || eilien/ adj 1a of or belonging to another person, place or thing; strange b foreign < ~ property > 2 differing in nature of character, esp to the extent of being opposed -+ to < ideas quite ~ to ours > 3 a person from another family, race, or nation; also an extraterrestrial being  sex /seks || seks/ n 1 either of 2 divisions of organisms distinguished as male or female 2 the structural, functional, and behavioural characteristics that are involved in reproduction and that distinguish males and females 3 vt to identify the sex of < ~ chicks fiend /feend || fi;nd/ n 1a DEVIL | b a demon c a person of great wickedness or cruelty 2 sby excessively devoted to a specified activity or thing; a fanatic, devotee < golf ~ > 3 one who uses immoderate quantities of sthg (specified); an addict < a dope ~ > 4 sby remarkably clever at a specified activity; WIZARD 

R.I.P. Head
R.I.P. Head artwork - from record sleeve art by Nik Fiend

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